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Kambli presses the self-destruct button once again

by K

Vinod Kambli, known for his knack to press the self-destruct button, damaged his image (among cricket fans) beyond repair when he recently announced on a television gameshow that his childhood chum Sachin Tendulkar could have done a lot more to help him when the former was going through a rough patch in his career.

This is not all, Kambli also accused the BCCI of discriminating against him on the basis of his CASTE and COLOUR.

After all this, the Mumbai southpaw stated that he never said anything against Tendulkar and even apologised to him.

Only Vinod Kambli could have managed this bizarre sequence of events. These are the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard from an Indian cricketer.

Had the BCCI discriminated against Kambli, he would never have made it to the Indian team in the first place. Further, had the BCCI discriminated against him, he would never have got as many as seven opportunities to stage a comeback. For all you know, it was Tendulkar who put in a word for him everytime he made his way back into the team.

Kambli's inconsistency, poor technique and temperament were perhaps the biggest reasons for his downfall. Sachin could do very little to address these problems for Kambli as Sachin himself had to shoulder the burden of the entire Indian batting line-up at that stage.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

He's not all there, never was - I've often wondered with Kambli though, what would have been had he found a mentor, as SRT did in SMG?

7 ODI breaks are fine, but a test career that spanned 17 tests and a little over two years, test avg 54, and let's not do him in for the doubles against Zim - the kid was an asset, there just wasn't any asset mgt.

And yeah, he always talked crazy - once with Azhar on a show, he declared the enormity of his CD and Azhar's suit collection. That was TV. What must he have been other wise. Btw Azhar was captain those days.

About the show, I'll give him this, it was a lie-detector test, and I think he came thru. So he possibly thinks that Sachin could have done more (Agarkar?), and you can't hang him for that. Least he's being honest. That is, if it's not a dumbass stunt.