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KhufiaBaaz: Bhajji on Sreesanth.

by KhufiaBaaz

"Destiny had me and Sreesanth visiting and paying homage to Lord Rameshwara. I feel after what had happened at the IPL last year, this has been redemption in front of God for both of us. We all commit mistakes, we are his children and we are all in universal brotherhood.

The bond is indeed unique which Shenta (Sreesanth) and I share. And let me clear it once again, he has always been close to me. There are some happy memories spend together in the dressing room and it was good to have him around and together visiting the holy temple. I await his return to the Indian team sometime soon. Like I told him, he has to play well in the domestic games and he can be playing for India again."


straight point said...

bun...err...bonding is there to be believed... :P

straight point said...

on second thought has bhajji taken some cue from sachin...on sree's comeback...?

John said...

heard he's moving to warwickshire. any khufiya baaz on this?

KhufiaBaaz said...

SP - This is just the start. Both are favorites of the ad wallahs. Also when both are paired together it is a goldmine for advertisers, both of course are gold diggers!! We all know Bhajji has sold his name, God's own truth!

KhufiaBaaz said...

John - Warwickshire is for next season. Talks are on and with Sree you can never say till you watch him play on the field.

Being friends with Bhajji will only help his career.