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KhufiaBaaz: Farveez Maharoof’s wedding album

by KhufiaBaaz

Just returned from Farveez Maharoof’s wedding (pictures at Island Cricket) – see both captain and ex-captain+wags posing with PM. Notice how PM always flashes that same smile as if he’s taking a photograph. Also posing with the PM and wife are Murali, Dilshan, Vaas, and this guy called Attapatu. Then there’s PM with cake and dancing with Mrs PM. Also check out Mendis posing with himself.


Anonymous said...

i read it musharraf

Anonymous said...

Same here

Anonymous said...

It's Farveez Maharoof, and the site is Island Cricket, not Island Express. Ha ha! :)

KhufiaBaaz said...

I'm not on a first name basis with Maharoof.