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A night to remember

by K

A thought came to my mind yesterday... that the two best Test series I have seen in my lifetime have been the 2001 India v Australia series and the 2005 Ashes in England.

As it turned out.. I saw one-hour specials on both these series today.

The rerun of the India-Australia series today... brought back some old memories.

I vividly remember that I passed out for the first and last time in my life (due to excessive alcohol) just the night before India won the 2001 series against Australia.. sometime in mid-March. My flatmate had asked me to drink like a fish that night since it was to be his last birthday as a college student.

So some 14 pegs later... I think I made some gyrations (Govinda-style) on the dance floor and was finally thrown out (by the Bouncer at the Pub) into the bushes just outside the pub. This version was given to me by some of my friends as I don't remember much after I had hit the dance floor.

What I do remember, was smelling some leaves while in the bushes, though very vaguely, and also waking up about 10 hours later at home and being the laughing stock for all my friends.

I then sat down to watch India's nervous chase on the final day at Chennai (third Test)... they needed to get 154. I wasn't tense for a change as the alcohol from the previous night was still making me feel pretty light.

As luck would have it... there was a power failure in Amchi Pune (Oxford of the East) when India needed 8 with three wickets remaining. I missed the winning runs struck by the Turbanator.

When the electricity supply resumed after about 15 minutes, me and my flatmates switched on the TV without wasting a second and saw Ganguly jumping up and down like a kid in the dressing room.

Another party followed that night to celebrate the glorious win... but I had to detox and stick to lemonade.

Still can't forget the day India won that match, one for the classic run-chase and also because the experience from the previous night taught me the lesson of my life.... TO CONTROL THE INTAKE OF ALCOHOL AT ALL TIMES


Gaurav Sethi said...

Can't say Roy and I agree with your lessons.

straight point said...

super trip down memory lane K!!!

i too had similar experience in holi (very early stages) when one of my friend payed trick on me... :)