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To follow on or not to follow on is that the question?

by Gaurav Sethi

By batting on, and averting the follow-on, the Aussie tail-enders could be doing England no small favour – for one, it takes the dodgy decision making out of England’s itchy hands. That’s fine, as England don’t look too hot on decisions. This way, it’s pretty simple – England bat again, and more importantly, KP and the other duds can work at redemption.

Also, there's this not so minor issue, how much has Freddie left in the tank? You don't want him to retire like Kumble, in the middle of a match. Don't want to be even tempted by a follow on, do you Strauss?

Just go out there with a clear head skip, not thinking about no follow on.

A stray thought, what's the max a captain should bowl his boys, before eliminating the follow on option - 75 overs?

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