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by Bored Guest

Q has come out of the closet with his man love for Fawad Alam a few blogs ago( a blog is the only quantity in which bored members measure time),
and asked Damith to come out too.
Damith doesn't seem to love Splendid Mendis that much to come out in the open about it. or does he love King Kumar more?

However, what's stopping the rest of us from declaring our love out in the open.

Let me begin then,
Fidel Edwards is my man,
What's cooler than a West Indian quick? He gets a li'l cranky at times, doesn't mind giving the batsmen an earful and wants to behead jimmy anderson every time he bowls to him.
that's all i could ever ask for.

so c'mon bored fellas,

by Prafs


A said...

Afridi da man! Do I even need to give reasons?

pRAFs said...

Afridi is the only man, who needs no reason... ok may be viru

raj said...

Well, tough for me since the ones I publicly back conk out quicker than camphor.

My man should be Pricky Ponting. I am going to copyright Pricky Ranting. Nobody else provides better entertainment in Cricket than this fella.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Amit Mishra.

pRAFs said...

oye nc,
is it possible o add the replies to the post itself?

Q said...

Well if ur gonna ask that way, I have a lot of man-loves.. Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Inzamam, Sachin, Viv Richards, Steve Waugh, Brian Lara, Shane Warne, Afridi.. its an endless list..

What I meant with "Fawad is my Man" is that I had been calling for his inclusion into the team for 2 years now.. and the way he announced himself on the world stage made me really proud.. as if my own man had done it..

In that way many bloggers have called out for a number of men.. NC and some other Indian bloggers called out for Amit Mishra long b4 he made his debut..

Jrod did so for David Hussey, Bryce McGain..

Some of the other Indian bloggers have done it for Badrinath and Chehteshwar Pujara..

In that manner, who is your man?

Q said...

Raj, that is just brilliant! U better copywrite it before someone picks it up...

raj said...

Well, Q, I am a bit naive - how do you copyright anything, at all?
(And I picked Pricky from Homer so it's not all mine, too)

Q said...

Haha I'm not sure Raj.. just when u see someone using Pricky Ranting, tell them they stole it! That should do it.. ha!

raj said...

Well, thinking back, copyright is not so important as evangelising that term so everyone should feel free to use that term in forums across the net. Let the revolution start here :-)