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Why is Herath not bowling, Sangakkara?

by Gaurav Sethi

On the 2nd day, the Lankan captain took his time to bring Herath on to bowl. As if he was still in transit from England. After asking Sanga, I asked the Pakistani and Sri Lankan Bored Members too; Q pointed out that left arm spinners always bother Pak. Exactly, that's what bothered me - where is Herath? And it's not as if I make a living watching Herath, but I really think against most teams today, your best bet is spin, even if he's some obscure chap called Herath. After the quicks, on the 2nd day, it took Sanga a lifetime to bring on Herath, first choice was always going to be Mendis. Then the decisive day of the test, and Lanka opens with Herath from one end. And the end was nigh.

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