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BCC! signs 'whereabouts' clause.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Delhi - K, AEL, Som, Soulberry, Straight Point, Naked Cricket

Dehradun - A Bisht

Mumbai - Ankit Poddar, Ankit Mishra, John, Prafs, Trideep, Raj

Chennai - Scorpicity, Ottayan, VM

Stamford - Homer

New Hampshire - Krish

Kochi - Achettup

Sydney - Damith

London - Megha

Dubai - RajaB, Bhaskar Khaund

Manchester - Q


Anil Singh said...

Brillaint take.. but I think I'm evading teh clause like Bhajji. Hey hey. :)

Megha said...

hey....the BCC! is as bad as the BCCI!! I don't remember signing up for this clause!! you are jeopardising my security and privacy y'know...

Q said...

Oh nooo.. i should have been warned before we signed this.. I wont be in Manchester till another week, if WADA wants to test me during this time I could be sentenced!!

Aaaannd I have a lot of drugs in my blood.. also needed a warning before signing :-/

Anonymous said...

Add Middletown -- Sam

pRAFs said...

All thanks to you, i'll have to hide all the weed now.

sraghuna said...

Well I can get blitzed with impunity now that I have been ostracised from this oligopoly(I'm more than willing to take in praf's weed & provide it with a good home)!!!