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Bipasha and Shilpa Shetty kick some cricket ass!

by Gaurav Sethi

I had an ice cream to kill, and a TV to watch. T20 rain break on. So I watch what’s on, which is Farah Khan’s show with Bips and Shilpa. Long legs, very long legs. I sit. And there’s this annoying Samsung promo on the show, with some silly sitcom.

I’m still sitting, don’t know why. Anyway, this is the deal: Bips and Shilpa gotta dub for the characters. Replay. Farah Khan suggests Shilpa be the blue sari bahenji as that’s the Rajasthan Royals colour. Ok, so a bit of cricket already.

And Bips can be the pink walli’s voice because she’s pink, whatever. What unfolds is funny, possibly because it’s cricket.

Shilpa: Please join us at Rajasthan Royals

Bips: Pay me, I want money!

Shilpa: Please join, we lost very badly this time

Bips: What about that Shane Warne fellow

Shilpa: Don’t worry about Sharukh, usko main mana loongi…

Bips: What will I tell Mahi, he’s my friend

Shilpa: Areh, that’s Chennai, where did that come from?

It went on longer, but that was a quick edit, the good parts, with a lotta leg pulling, and what legs at that.


Som said...

It never struck me that that long legs were basically pulled legs. Bips in IPL would be a leg-up for T20, no doubt about that.

Gaurav Sethi said...

If you saw their pumps, be more like pushed legs