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Bored Turns One!

by Q

Last summer when I was vacationing in the USA, a new cricket blog started doing the rounds.

It was called "BCC!" and it was being promoted by Naked Cricket, Straight Points, and some others.

At the time I didn't pay much attention to it. I was on vacation so I just frequented my usual cricket blogs such as the ones mentioned above.

When I got back home I decided to check out what BCC! was all about.

Soon I realized that BCC! was a blog that brought together the Indian Cricket Bloggers Mafia.

For a long time that's the name I had for it on my Blogroll over at Well Pitched; I called it the mafia because BCC! was a platform designed to take over the world of cricket blogging and it was controlled by the best of them in the market.

Put together the best of men trying to take over a market and what you get is the mafia!

It wasn't long before I got an offer from Naked Cricket, the brains behind this mafia, to become a part of BCC!

I took the offer up without hesitating and soon I also became a part of the elite members of the bored.

Today, a year later, BCC! turns one and guess where I am?

Yep, the USA again!

How time flies and how life comes a full circle of sorts; and what a year it has been for cricket, for blogging, for the bored members, and for BCC!

What haven't we been through; the list is endless.

The creation of Jatman, talking about the Shakibbing, eavesdropping conversations between bored peons and neons, singing the bored anthems, whooping Australia's ass at home in India, thanking Sachin Tendulkar, inviting bored guests to write, playing IPL games, holding bored meetings in Delhi and Dubai, wondering what makes Jatman tick, covering World T20 games LIVE, a MasterDebate between a Pakistani and Sri Lankan, converting "teri maa ki" into our very own franchise!, getting into WADA's pants, hiring our very own informer in Khufiabaaz, and what not...

As I said, the list is endless!

You think of all that and then you wonder; all this in only a year?

Imagine, what BCC! can achieve in the years to come.

This is just the beginning; there is a long road ahead, and with a start like this, the mafia is truly set to take over the world of cricket blogging.

Happy Bored Day BCC! and a hearty congratulations to all you Bored Members, Bored Guests, and Bored Visitors.

Q also blogs at Well Pitched


pRAFs said...

HAPPY BORED DAY to you too Q!

straight point said...

bored day not only turns one but it actually turns all of us into one...

bored cricket crazy that is...

happy bored day to you Q!!

Poshin_david said...

Happy Bored day mate......

Think you know alot about cricket???
Test your cricket knowledge


Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, as always a whole lotta angles thrown in. (Never any auntys)

Happy Bored Day Hangover to all.