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Congrats Jatman! Sehwag is hot on the net.

by Gaurav Sethi

In spite of the triple hundreds, the daredevilry, you were never hot. Not in the same league as Tendu, Yuvi, Mahi or Bhajji anyway. Then came that ‘is it an injury or isn’t it?’ quandary, think that did you in nicely. Now I don’t care how it all panned out, but you looked foolish, and were treated like a novice, an ignoramus. It appeared MSD and the team was wronged by you.

Next thing, we know little or nothing about you. Again, it’s Bhajji, Yuvi, MS in the WADA news, are you even in that list, who cares? You are the silent senior player, far more senior than the rest of them, in years, experience, but to hell with all that.

You are in No-Comment mode. Just as well, last time you spoke you shouldn’t have – to clear some misgivings about that injury.

Anyway, so God speaks and says that you come closest to his batting. And suddenly you are in the news again. What do you say to that, you say, repeat after me, “Thank You Sachin!”

The other day Virat Kohli gave a full interview, and then thanked Sachin Seniors for his success. The cheek of the boy. Hope he goes far, and learns from your mistakes, Jatman!


straight point said...

if sehwag wants to go down as great player he must learn to speak when needed...

Gaurav Sethi said...

I'd go a step further, he must learn not to speak. From Jatman to Mimeman