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Conseqences of hitting Chris Broad for six

by Gaurav Sethi

A Ponting dismissal or Broad hit for a 6, how can I even start to express the feeling – I walk in mid-over, detached, and yeah, clueless of Clark's earlier 6 – and Broad tries to bounce Clark, who pulls and six! Can Clark hit Broad for 6 6s – if only everyone hit him for 6 6s. What does Broad think every time someone hits him for 6 – ‘it’s ok the worst is over, he’s not gonna hit me for 6 6s’ I think, he thinks about Yuvraj. Just that look, it’s fraught with an unbearable heaviness of being. Like some crazy Jat, stepped on it, and him, and somewhere there, he lost his innocence. Think they should refer him to his daddy.

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