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Did you know even before Mark Ramprakash reappeared on the ECB radar, he was on BCCI's?

by bored cricket crazy indians

You did or you didn't?

You know who Mark Ramprakash is, right?

Ok, you are worthy, go on, read about The Mark of a Man.

Anyway, that's how the ECB sniffed him out again.


Patricia said...

I'm glad to see that you Bored Cricket Crazy Indians are looking after Mark Ramprakash. If we women had been in charge of selection for the England and Wales cricket team then it would have had a very different composition over the last eighteen years.

RajaB said...

@Patricia: Let me quote cricinfo

"Likelihood of call-up: He's the romantic's choice, and that of every housewife in the land, after his star turns on Strictly Come Dancing. But surely he's become a reality TV star for a reason?"

So what are you ??

We at Bored belong to a third category not mentioned here...

The fanatics !!