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Dilshan, son of Jatman

by Gaurav Sethi

The signs were always there, then the Delhi Daredevils’ signing and you knew he was meant to go nuts. Dilshan’s first four today – one foot down the pitch, wrists into play and a wanton go for it shot, and the ball went where it had to. This one went behind square. There was more than a bit of Jatman in it. Then there’s that French beard that Jatman sported some seasons back.

They could be Lankan pitches, but Dilshan, like his cricketing daddy, is set to scorch grounds across the world. Look at it this way, if there’s something in the wicket, there’s nothing in the bowlers. Go Dilshan, show no mercy. These bowlers are meant to be bullied.

Freakish bit, Dilshan is 2 years older than Jatman. In fact, both are Librans, Dilshan 14th October, Jatman 20th.

So there you have it, Jatman and Jatboy. Separated at birth, united at the Delhi Daredevils.

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