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For Yuvi and Mahi, a little help on the WADA whereabouts clause

by Gaurav Sethi

Guys, do you know how to use a computer? Oh great, you’re fully loaded. I hear you have a problem with the whereabouts clause, let’s sort it out.

Ok, so you’ve entered your whereabouts as Chandigarh, 10-11 am, right Yuvi? I hear tomorrow, 7th July you will be in Mumbai. No problem dude – what time is good for you in Mumbai, 2-3 pm, ok?

Just put on your computer, get to the ADAMS web page – that’s the Anti Doping Administration and Management System (it’s part of WADA). Login. Change your time and place. And get the hell out of Chandigarh.

Mahi, you not in Ranchi tomorrow? What, you’ll be in your Hummer?


Naresh said...

" tomorrow, 7th July you will be in Mumbai. No problem dude – what time is good for you in Mumbai, 2-3 pm, ok?

OK, dude, and suppose I DON'T know where I will be tomorrow at what hour at this moment - I don't know which hotel I will be in, or which flight I will actually get - possible no?

what then dude? Is WADA going to be as forgiving as my dada on that one dude-wah? And so do I say screw it..I cannot go to Mumbai tomorrow really dude?

Or suppose I will go directly to party with my friends (no, it will not be a rave) and really have no clue how long it will last. Bust goes the private life?

WADA ko diya hua wada todna mana hai na?

You know stating obvious basic mechanics is very simple - it's the exceptions that screw up everything in life. And here it seems all the onus is on one side.

And I would like to think Abhinav Bindra (if I get the name right) leads a simpler life than most cricketers. As does Mirza (the tennis girl - again the full name escapes the memory).

And that really the "security threats" don't give a hoot about Bindra (maybe they will also struggle to get his name right).

straight point said...

to corroborate nareah...

tho we will keep on hearing "yours or mine" place but the motive will be entirely tell wada...

you want to go long drive if you gal/buddy wants cant coz you forget to bring that damn laptop with you...oh screw it you brought the laptop but where is that net chip...damn...sorry gal/friend can't go...

next time...pukka wada raha... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Naresh, what is Bindra's 'simpler' life according to you?

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, for pros who can plan five days ahead in a test match, what is juggling a long drive and a one hour slot in a day?

OK right, some of them don't have the patience to play 5 days.

straight point said...

nc if i my memory serves me right then these yuvis and mahis never protested for dope when they are playing... days or even 3 hr game...