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"I say old chap, the Ashes finally seem to be heading home"

by K

Typical English talk on the third day of the final Ashes Test:

Mr. X (OBE - Order of the British Empire) to Mr. Y (MBE - Member of the British Empire): I say ol' chap, the Ashes finally seem to be heading home.

Mr. Y: Well, thank god we had a difference of less than 200 in the first innings or else our lads would've been in quite a conundrum as far as the follow-on was concerned.

Mr. X: Oh.. I say, now that it's in the bag, the lads deserve all the credit and much more for having contributed towards the war effort.

Mr. Y: Yes I believe, Knighthood would follow soon as would high-tea with the Queen.

Mr. X: And of course... a holiday for the whole team in the quaint surroundings of the Himalayas, somewhere near Shimla. Fishing and a few rounds of golf would rejuvenate them ahead of the coming season.

Mr. Y: I propose a toast... "FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE"


Gaurav Sethi said...

Ruddy good stuff

straight point said...

i say you bored have come up with nice stuff... :)