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It's time Sachin

by Bored Guest

It's alright if you want to score 15000 runs. But, at what cost?

I read at ducking beamers(or was it SOAL?),that going by your average you'd be done in 1 1/2 years.

But taking into the consideration that you're not exactly 22 years old now and one of your body parts keeps falling off in or at the end of every series, it could well be a lot more than that.

Effectively our beloved che and badri would have to shut shop, soon.

All of us know, what you've done for Indian cricket, the insight into the game that you have, your experience and all that.

But haven't you broken enough fingers in the slips, doesn't that back of yours give you certain hints, don't you ever feel like you're never going to reach the ball when you're chasing one in the outfield.

Even that occasional leg spin/off spin concoction has disappeared now.

It would be only fair, if you go when people would ask why, not why not.

by Prafs
blogs at Right Arm Fast

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