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Little Mishra’s big strides.

by Gaurav Sethi

Picture Amit Mishra, do you recall what he looks like? That’s a problem, Mishra can be invisible. If you’re able to picture him, chances are you’ll see him as part of some motley group. Not stand alone, like an arched Afridi or a Freddie flip.

But forget the showmanship. Count the wickets. Mishra helped India win the Emerging Players Tournament against emerging chokers, South Africa. Here’s what he did: 6 one-dayers, 11 wickets @ 16.90, SR 29.3. Here’s to seeing more of Mishra in the ODIs (even though I want to see less of the ODIs)

Mishra has only played 3 ODIs so far – made his debut in April, 2003, Dhaka, and played his last game within a week. But then Bhajji has to be a regular in every game India plays. The price we pay to be entertained.

Mishra needs to work on his body language, flag flying, people skills. For good measure, he should slap himself.

Next: Mishra in IPL, but still not in India’s T20 team, huh?

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