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Look what you’ve done now Sreesanth

by Gaurav Sethi

You took a wicket in the first over. Not just that, it was the first ball of the Yorkshire innings.

Boycott will hate you. So what, you should be used to that.

Anyway, not just that – you knocked another one on the fifth ball of that first over.

That’s two wickets in one over, looks like your luck is changing.

Then you went for a few but that’s business as usual. Be nice if the powers of Indian cricket make the same noises for you as they did for Agarkar – “he can be expensive, but he is a wicket taking bowler”

Ok, we’ll do it for you. Now! Sree is a wicket taking bowler!

Then you returned, and took another two. Not bad for a day’s work, 4 wickets of 8 overs, good you opened the bowling, not second change like last time.

Life’s looking up so don’t make a hash of it, Sree.

Btw why do you bat so low down man? What about those all-rounder aspirations?

Last man in isn’t very flattering, but you did get those two fours. OK, make that another tick.

Go knock them over tomorrow. Take five, give no quarter.


straight point said...

no not clutter his mind with allrounder aspirations...let him just bowl and bowl...without caring about anything in the world...

Anil Singh said...

NC... please don't act like Media. Otherwise the poor soul will climb too high.