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Rameez Raja - King of funny times

by Gaurav Sethi

“Kulasekara has been a thorn in Pakistan’s development as a team.” And Kamran Akmal’s intro “he’s a floater, can bat anywhere… and very good behind the stumps”. Appears the IPL stint has been a thorn in Rameez’s development. What with the pace of T20, Rameez needs to bowl some slower ones.

Agreed Akmal is a floater, but ‘very good behind the stumps’ is a stretch.

When Rameez belted out Bollywood songs, you laughed with him, not at him. Here’s to RRLOL!

“Naseer Jamsher fell, very early, the first ball!” Power off, here in Delhi, and on Pakistan in Dambulla. Joined again at 60/4. The floater gone, along with the foot in the mouth…er!


SM said...

the whole team is gone . lost my precious sleep on some silly cricket ..

Gaurav Sethi said...

SM, why lose sleep over a pak lanka game?