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This Aussie team has nothing to lose…except for the Ashes.

by Gaurav Sethi

Frankly Strauss’ aggressive fields left me feeling sick in the stomach. One slip and one wicketkeeper, that when you know you only need a keeper behind, why that extra slip fielder?

The man at slip could have easily been in the covers, preferably a sweeper cover.

Ideally, the keeper too could have gone down to the boundary, sans his keeping pads and gloves, covering up for fine leg and third man. Also, it’s been proven that Katich’s get out shot was the move across the stumps cramped pull to fine leg – a keeper down at the boundary would have ensured a squarer fine leg, and the English could have concentrated on bowling short.

And what about the short cover and short mid wicket, again too aggressive – you’re only defending 546, and that is so gettable with these tactics, what about the boundary riders. Choke the Aussies, Strauss, they really believe the runs are gettable.

Worse still, so do you.

If ever 500 plus are to be made to win a test match, they can be, over the next two days. The Aussie team may be crap, but the English, they grew up thinking they were crap.

To repeat the most maligned cricketing phrase, this Aussie team has nothing to lose…except for the Ashes. That they have already lost. And you cannot lose something twice over. Ponting can, but you get my drift.

On the fourth morning when Australia embark on a record breaking, history bending, mind altering, kick in the Poms’ arse chase, they must believe a few things: Let’s have two days of fun, let’s stress the Poms out.

There is nothing else in it. If ever there was a chance for the Aussies to dig out the dirty, self centred, perverse, bastard cricketer out, it is now. Let’s get dirty. Let’s listen to the Rolling Stones: Start me up!

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