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whereabouts score: bcci 2 wada 0

by straight point

WADA’s ‘whereabouts’ clause, which has caused so much furore, may be modified, or as an extreme measure, even scrapped next year. The WADA clause, which came into effect from January 1 this year, has been implemented on a trial basis. WADA, which decided to implement it after extensive consultations with sports bodies, will analyze the practical aspects by the end of this year, before deciding whether to keep it in its current form, modify, or scrap it altogether.

...and its not rocket science that on whose protest or efforts they are forced to review it...certainly not coz of those who tamely bowed to the wada line...


Anonymous said...

When reading the article I don't really see where they mention they are going to scrap it, review it certainly. They are even confidently saying most athletes ans sportsmen are happy with it.

Might be reading it wrong though.

straight point said...

no anon you are not reading it wrong...but reading what suits... :)