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93.3 mph

by Gaurav Sethi

Brett Lee makes a case for a nutcase sport called one-day international cricket.

No way I was going to watch it all, but Lee’s overs I’d booked. Lucky to walk in on him prising Luke Wright out, the edge was faint, the batsmen were faint of heart.

The speeds were what you call speed – 90 mph plus, 150 kmph. And the trademark Lee air-punch, shove that clenched fist downwards, repeat; they need a soundtrack for that baby. Brett’s band should play.

There was Rock ‘n’ Roll in a one-dayer after a long time. The short of length bazookas at 93 mph were fierce enough to press an alert batsman’s fear buttons, and thrill the most languid of cricket watchers.

There was a shorter one that zipped past Bresnan’s benign head – nobody was expected to score, survival would suffice.


46.1: England 210/9, Lee in to Collingwood @56.

Brett unleashes the fireball yorker @93.3mph.

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to be knocked over, that was one such ball.

Move over Mitchell Johnson, that blonde kid who refuses to age is back.

Boom Boom Brett Lee!


pRAFs said...

blonde boy...
what is wrong with the aussie quicks?excepting mitch
everyone seems to love peroxide,
fast bowlers aren't supposed to be metrosexual.
though lee bowling the thunderbolts in the ashes would have made it worth a watch.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Lee in the Ashes, Ponting can have a good long think about that

straight point said...

they were so engrossed on jhonson 's form that they didn't even notice lee in their ranks...