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Amit Mishra emerges yet again.

by Gaurav Sethi

It helps if you have already emerged as a player and continue playing in these emerging players' tournament. You tend to stand out, score runs, take wickets. Amit Mishra did damn well in that Emerging Players tournament down under. He picked an ODI spot, 12th man duties and all. Then he picked an ICC Emerging Players' nomination. But then the ICC figured he’s already emerged so he didn’t make the short-list.

Bhajji was too busy taking five wickets (like Swann) in Sri Lanka, where could Mishra get a break? But he was on tour – so much to learn, one of these days, he may get physical with another player.

Today, he played a game in the Champions Trophy. It was the closest he’ll get. It was a warm-up game. Bhajji didn’t bowl, Bhajji didn’t bat. Mishra sure did, in a lost cause obviously. Had Bhajji played, a five-for was definitely on.

Mishra’s 10-0-29-1 in New Zealand’s 301, not as flashy as the quicks who went at 7, 8 and 9 an over, but he tried. He even scored a modest 26.

Obviously not good enough to play instead of Bhajji. For that he’d need to do a Kumble. Take 10 wickets, captain the side, break jaw etc etc etc.

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