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Celebrating One Year Of Boredom : How an exclamation mark appeared in the Bored acronym !

by A Bisht

Small fish are always afraid of the big fish. It’s the ability of the big fish to wield power that makes any confrontation with it a tough task. Yusuf Pathan said his brother’s exclusion from the team has more non-cricketing reasons than the purely cricketing ones. Media showed the news all day. Realizing that he has played a non-cricketing shot, he later disowned what he said. He ate the oranges along with the peals.

Yusuf can be pardoned for backtracking, as it’s not a bad situation either when fifty percent of his father’s sons, can live the cricket glory. So why irk the powerful and ruin the blessing.

The fear of the powerful is eternal, not only in cricketers’ mind, but also in the minds of those who scavenge on the game—the cricket bloggers. Scavenging may seem too hard a word to define the work of a cricket blogger, but the way, a blogger picks news bits from other news sources; and the way hundreds of bloggers shred into pieces one original news source; and drag their pieces to the safety of their respective blogs is akin to the work of scavengers.

So bloggers are afraid of big fish too. Bored memebrs are no exception.

Although the key people kept on contemplating on Bored Cricket Crazy Indians' acronym issue, they never found time to take the initiative. As no blogger is ever pressed for time; they can be pardoned for their laid back approach to the problem.

[ Things you should know
Q. Why are bloggers never pressed for time?
Ans. Bloggers are never pressed for time because blogging is never considered a serious business; it is a debased thing. Sharp people who matter run newspapers and news channels. That apart, the very basic philosophy of internet being an open medium; provides ample opportunities to work at a leisurely pace. So why hurry.]

But now there’s a catch; it’s not that only the Bored Members had the acronym problem littered in their minds; some really conscious people were thinking on the issue on parallel lines.

One such person was Mr. Hitesh Bothra.

So the final initiative to the acronym came from Mr. Bothra. One day while on Bored (as a reader), he scribbled a comment at one of the recent posts and suggested to drop the ‘I’ from the acronym and bring in an exclamation mark, ‘!’ in its place. Just to make the suggestion more wholesome; he also pointed to the fact that the new inclusion will resemble a bat and a ball.

Actually Mr. Bothra’s fix was quite impressive. And the laid back Bored Members took no time to endorse Mr. Bothra’s suggestion.

Soon a memo was circulated to all Bored Members; apprising them of the change and what they felt about the new change. Habitual of lifting things, all the Bored Members, whole-heartedly praised the change (not Mr. Bothra; as one should eat mangoes, and never count trees)

So fear of the big, helped an exclamation mark, get its place in the final four.

Ya, Mr. Bothra also played a role.


straight point said...

brutally honest anil!!!

how i wish you write more and more...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cracker of a write AB. Any more honest, and I don't know what you'll say. Mazza ah gaya, at our own expense!

XYZ said...

Hi AB,

You mention about me and that took me surprise. I have been inactive from several months for some personal reasons and your comment about me, as provoked me to come back. I forget everyone, but you didn't.

I may not come back so easily or in short notice, but I will not forget the last journey we have on the net.



K said...

Well done AB. Great post. And great idea HB..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Hitesh, good to see you here man.