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Compaq Cup: Best played on a computer

by Gaurav Sethi

Have a look at the itinerary because nobody else did. It’s bad enough playing one-dayers, top that back-to-back one-dayers. And before that a Corporate Trophy final.

Here’s what you got, a triangular that lasts a blink of an eye, devised by some blinking idiot: Tomorrow, 8th Sept., Lanka play the Kiwis, as if they haven’t had enough of each other already.

Then a two day break before which the Indians wrap up a Corporate Trophy final and play the Kiwis on 9/11. 9/12 they play the Lankans.

Land up with your neighbourhood team, the Indians will play you on 9/13. 9/14 are the finals.

Doubt India will make them, 2 back-to-back ODIs, and they’ll be part of the fried fish at the Taj Samudara. That’s when the criticism will start in earnest.

There's a strong chance of rain, as always. About time they started umbrella cricket. Be the much needed boost for one-dayers, what say Sachin?

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