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A few degrees of separation

by Gaurav Sethi

Before the Hauz Khas K-Block park became a museum for geriatrics it was a playground. That’s where I played most of my early cricket and football. Among the group, was one Sudhir Singh Dungarpur. He was more into football than cricket.

I last ran into Sudhir at the election booth, the conversation led to this blog, which is when he mentioned his uncle, saying he was the guy to speak to, just that he wasn’t keeping well.

Today, reading the obituaries, I’m thinking what it would’ve been to have the man’s anecdotes here. He was, after all, the man of anecdotes.

Reckon if cricket is big enough for you, it’s usually the little things that come shining through.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

NC - Great piece ! Good to see Mr.Dungarpur's passing on mentioned here - as well it deserves to be. Liked him or hated him , you couldn't ignore him. RIP.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cheers man.