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Jatman: Don’t treat me like Shi*

by Gaurav Sethi

I don’t use bad language
But I’ll say this to you
Don’t, don’t treat me like Shi*

You keep me outta the team
That is very mean
I’ll show you what I think
I won’t think at all

I won’t be your deputy
I won’t be your captain
I won’t talk to you
I’ll just talk to the ball

You can call me Jatman
But I am no fartman
I speak straight and simple
Just wait and see

My world is changing very fast
I now see you for what you are worth
You have no worth
You don’t own Indian cricket by birth

I am a son of the soil, a man of this earth
I will rip right through you
Through that girth

I’m telling you
Don’t treat me like shi*
One day Indian cricket will know
What they have missed

By then I’ll be gone
Gone far away
Playing in some other world
I’ll be a freelancer
A happy tap dancer
And nobody, nobody
Will treat me like shi*

Sometimes I think, India is too good for me
But then my bat tells me -
nahi yaar, Viru, you are too good for them.
I’m sad, but I’m also glad.
It’s a weight of my shoulders

Enough for now,
Otherwise Sachin will spank me on my bum

Ok, now I’m going to speak to Dada.
He never treated me like shi*

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1 comment:

straight point said...

dare him at your own peril...