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kirtsen drops a bomb!

by straight point

silently... while talking to media... he said...

"We have got a good batting line-up which is quite flexible in the middle. We would like to mix it up during the series. We have got a very good run in one-day cricket. We have got good depth in the side and the younger players have proved themselves."

Kirsten said the team would have to deal with the "huge" loss of not having explosive opener Virender Sehwag, who is still recovering from a shoulder injury. However, he was non-committal about who would partner Gautam Gambhir at the top of the order.

i read it again thinking that he must have said he remains non-committal about who would partner sachin at the top of order... but no... he exactly meant that!!


doesn't he know that sachin doesn't want to bat anywhere but open the innings...?

coaches have come and coaches will go... but nobody can move sachin from the opening postion... not even sachin himself... he has this place reserved till he wishes...

but i think 'we would like to mix it up' and 'not having explosive opener' are operative phrases here...

are we really going to see some changes in the upcoming triangular series as well as champions trophy...?

1 comment:

Poshin_david said...

If that's Sachin's case imagine Dravid's!!!!