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Mind it I say.

by Gaurav Sethi

‘The earth is my bed. The Sky is my ceiling.
The Premadasa is my native place.'

You can’t empty a bullet into a guy and not expect him to change. I saw Samaraweera’s cricket change here, it was possibly the most manic change I’ve seen in a test player. It was similar to Dravid going bonkers in one of those English ODI summers.

Today’s hundred was expected. It’s tough to beat a guy who’s been dead and back. Samara’ may not go on to be the greatest Lankan cricketer, but from here, I expect him to be the most fearless. You will see it in his eyes, in his cricket. There aren’t many fearless cricketers around, even today’s best are far from fearless. They are weighed down.

Samara’ changes the Lankan batting equation - he adds weight beyond Sanga and Mahela. At least three batsmen make a middle order, till the other day, Lanka had only two players in the ODI middle – the rest, Mathew, Kambady or whoever else comes, can partner Sanga, Mahela or Samara.

Mind it. Samaraweera is here I say.


Thiru Cumaran said...

Finally, we have a replacement for Russell Arnold! :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

CT, a few years back I'd rate both Arnold and Dilshan the same. Both ODI finishers, both very suspect in tests. One went ICL, the other IPL, see what happened.

What about Sanath's replacement?

Thiru Cumaran said...

Actually, Arnold never got a consistent place in the side...if he had got as many chances as Dilshan, then he would've surely done better!

I think it would be unfair on Arnold to be compared with TM as Arnold always bailed us out in tough situations but TM didn't always succeed! :)

As for Sanath's replacement, its Udawatte! If he's given a regular place in the side, I've no doubt he'll flourish! We could also try out Malinda Warnapura, maybe! :)