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Now what?

by achettup

Great, now we depend on Pakistan even for the slightest chance of making it to the semis. Thats like depending on Hugo Chavez to solve global warming. Or not. Anyway, we probably don't deserve to go there - oh wait, let me correct that - Team India probably don't deserve to get that far and we certainly don't deserve to see our bowlers put to the slaughter anymore and our captain's ridiculous tactics ruin their good early efforts anymore. I'm just glad I won't see Harbhajan's Tintin sleeves throwing a few more darts down the leg side. Annoyed. Frustrated. Will go to sleep, let this wash all over me.


Unknown said...

I feel for u poor Indians.
Funny how fate plays out.

Reverse Swing said...

ah looking disappointed , relax buddy get some soda may be and yea get ready for the Aussies at home (India), isn't it cool to make some things even ?

Mahek said...

Poor Indian bowlers? It's not Dhoni's fault that Ishant and Harbhajan haven't a clue about how and where to bowl. Can we PLEASE see the sardar out of the side? If I see him celebrate a catch again I'm going to shoot someone.