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Only for Amit Mishra

by Gaurav Sethi

(updated after Mishra bowls and when he should)

I have decided to write in between overs - write when Bhajji or Ishant bowl, it's far more satisfying. And watch when Amit Mishra bowls.

A little thing, don't know if you noticed: After Mishra's excellent first over, where he bowled like he belonged, nearly had a wicket, what does MSD do -

He brings on Bhajji from Mishra's end. They have must have noticed turn, let's cash in fast - buy Bhajji a few wickets.

The other day when Yusuf, the jr spinner was going well, and bowled way earlier before Bhajji, what does MS do - he introduces Bhajji from Yusuf's end.

Ok, Mishra's on after the break.

Mishra strikes, he had to. It was written. And it is written here. The irony, even Bhajji couldn't drop that.

Another little thing, don't know if you noticed: Virat Kohli grabs at Bhajji to be part of the huddle.

Myopic MS: If the rain does come, and we have an abridged game, why waste overs on Ishant - bowl Mishra through.


rmblr said...

Mishra's getting the odd ball to spin nearly square. So refreshing to see a spinner who can actually turn it.

Also, nice blog, guys.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Gorogoro, You can say that again, with Bhajji you forget what spin is. cheers.

Wasim said...

Dhoni made the same mistake twice against Pakistan when Malik and Yousaf were building the partnership instead of attacking he used his part timers and today again he held Nehra and Mishra back when Ponting and Hussey were building up their partnership and persisted with Ishaant.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Wasim, to that as always, MS will say we can't plan for the rain. To that i say, right now he can't plan for much.

With 7.3 overs shy of 50, Nehra, PK and Mishra have 5 between them, not that they'll need them.

To be fair to MS, he had nothing to attack Pak with.

achettup said...

Mishra's performance today was inspiring. He got lovely drift and troubled Ponting quite a bit. As SP said earlier, one match too late. Is Ojha injured?

Mahek said...

Dhoni changed ends so that the Aussies would have to hit against the spin if they wanted to clear the short boundary.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ach, Ojha was dropped.