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Paging Bored Member Q

by bored cricket crazy indians

Q is AWOL. Last seen, he dropped in for the Bored Day Party in August. Not long ago, he fired his boss to follow cricket. Now he has fired cricket to follow an MBA. Can you follow that?

Q once famously said, cricket is in our blood. So if Q fails to return anytime soon, we will speak to his siblings. What are they called? Q2, Q3, Q4.

There’s an India-Pakistan Champions Trophy game on 26th September. Surely Q will answer to that.

(In the meantime, you can read Q's previous posts here)


scorpicity said...

Q has to now take this cue.

Meanwhile, Younis Khan is queuing up for the India-Pakistan game.

BTW, What bored party in August!!!

Reverse Swing said...

Q will be back by Champions Trophy for sure. He can't resist that, specially Pak vs India.

Common buddy does MBA did any good to cricket ever ? :D