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Preview: West Indies v Australia

by Gaurav Sethi

India v Pakistan Live 5.45 PM IST.

Both the Aussies and the Pansies of the Caribbean will be mindful of this. Who wants to miss a game that's "more than a game"-"not just a game" Both teams will look to finish their 1pm game before 6pm. Unless of course they have pms. Naturally, the game's duration depends more on the Aussies: They cannot bat first. Where as if the Pansies bat first, it can be a nifty T20 game, and everybody will be happy.


Purna said...

I dont think anybody will watch this game. Other than Aussies.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Purna, Incredible, but there are some flag waving Jamaicans in the stands.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that first up ball?

HAHAHA at Shane Watson.