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A toast to the discards.

by Gaurav Sethi

Supposed to be playing catch up with Sreesanth, instead both teams caught up with each other. One of those feel-good ties really. Sreesanth bowled 8 on the trot, 2 wickets, not too expensive either, 4.25 rpo.

A little lesson for Yuvi, his Punjab skipper, bowl Sree through, don’t bother about saving him for the slog. A shame he wasn’t needed with the bat, Warwickshire lost their 9th on the last ball, match tied. Sree too looked tied down. What with helmet, glasses, far from his exuberant self. Really thought he’d be happy not to be batting. Instead he was the team man, clued in like he was reading the Economist.

For Northamptonshire, Andrew Hall did everything, after supper he might even do the dishes. Scored a ton, bowled at the death, made me wonder, yet again, why do South Africa ignore him – and how did he land up in the ICL. The yorkers at the death were missing, but it’s only forty over cricket.

1 comment:

Thiru Cumaran said...

Andrew Hall is one of those buggers who do their work without complaining...similar to someone like Chaminda Vaas. When you don't create a big fuss about yourself, this is what happens! Pity!