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Danger: Agarkar on comeback trail

by bored cricket crazy indians

Think hard, what do Abhinav Mukund and Jatman Sehwag have in common, apart from triple centuries – both have been knocked over by Agarkar in the Irani Trophy.

While the Champions Trophy exposed RP and Ishant, just imagine what the Irani could do – expose us to Agarkar again. Can you take it, at this young impressionable age? Of course you can't.

Looks like there will be no rest for India till the Rest of India put Agarkar to the sword – luckily both Munaf and Sreesanth are yet to bat. Badrinath is still there, but we all know, he’s going nowhere. With Agarkar however, it’s an altogether story.

Just when you think the door is closed on him, he comes in through the bathroom window. Almost as annoying as Macca.


straight point said...

oh no... not him please...!!!

pRAFs said...

First Nehra, now Agarkar. that's it!
*points gun to head.pulls trigger*

Prabu said...

Not sure why he is so reviled. He at least took wickets by the bucketful. The current bowlers are as profligate and don't take wickets either....

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Yeah , everybody's least favourite Indian Beatle always threatens to show up , and does show up too...comin' our way again , i'm sure...:-(