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Here's looking at you, Trinidad & Tobago

by Gaurav Sethi

When was the first time you heard the name Trinidad & Tobago? Do you recall that geography class, the day, the hour, when Trini, the father of all names was introduced to you?

I don’t. But it doesn’t matter. For all I care, you could have heard T&T for the first time now. That’s like listening to the Rolling Stones in the Champions League for the first time. You’re still young, it’s not your fault…

Deal is, T&T is the real deal. I’d like them to win the Champions League, if the Daredevils don’t. I’ve always felt T&T should play instead of the so called West Indies team of today.

Brian Lara is from Trini. DWAYNE BRAVO….you heard good man, Tony Cozier say that? Dawne Bravo is from Trini, as is his brother, Darren Bravo. And of course Darren Ganga and his brother Sherwin Ganga. If you and your brother played cricket, chances are, you would play for Trinidad and Tobago. And Tony Cozier would call your name, like the saints go marching in.

Yeah, you’d want to be in that number. Trini has in its numbers, among others, the gutsiest little cricketer on mother earth, Denesh Ramdin. He is not only the precise size the Gods set for a wicketkeeper, eh, isn’t that enough for you?

Then there is Dave Mohammed who goes by the name of Tadpole. A kid called Lendl, Lendl Simmons, his father’s good son, and able successor. He looks so young, you’d think we was watching Under 15 cricket, with fake tufts of beard.

Look ma, no foreigners – this is a team of West Indians. There is the odd Indian who came in the womb of his forefathers, many long years back, but you cannot hold that against them.

This is Trinidad and Tobago. And they play out of a movie called Inglorious Basterds. They play to kill, or die.

A song for T&T - Go! Trinidad & Tobago!


Mahek said...

Though it looks unlikely, I'm hoping it's a Daredevils v/s T & T Final.

Gaurav Sethi said...


We need some color here.