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Australia's Series Win Is Remarkable

by Megha

No really..and not because of their list of injured players. This win is special because -

a) It did not involve a lot of sledging. No TMK or anything.
b) No stupid mind games, mental disintegration sorta stuff.
c) No huge umpiring blunders.
d) They won even though they did not have Steve Bucknor in their team...Sorry, I meant he wasn't umpiring in this series. Which kinda explains point c.
e) They did not have to resort to bump catches, or The Haddin to get wickets.

So there you have it. Australia winning because they played good solid cricket...and because of their never-say-die spirit that we all love to hate. Damn it!

Megha also blogs at Silly M(a)id-on.


Rusty said...

We didn't win because we played good solid cricket and all of those excuses you trotted out (don't Indians always!)

We won - because we are better than you. Simple as that.

Leela said...


I had the exact same thoughts in my head!!

I think that Australia don't have to sledge or do any of those things to win... if they show up and put in their 100%, more often than not they'll win!

Nathan said...

Well, a good never-say-die attitude helps make the best of the 50-50 chances.

I also felt this was a series where the Australians could look back and be proud of more than just the result, something that regrettably isn't always the case.

Sharath said...

Oh, come on!

Don't you know the number one rule of being a True Indian Cricket Fan?

If we win, it is because we played well. If we lose, it is because we didn't play well. End of story. Appreciation of the opposition's efforts is only allowed in condescension (E.g. "You were good, but not as good as we were. Shame!").

Sincere praise of your adversary, especially if they're Pakistani or Australian, is nothing short of blasphemy. Think it if you will, but never, ever say it.


Som said...

Ponting was spot on when he put this win in the same league as with World Cup triumph. An incredible feat, considering their own fitness woes and India's formidable record at home.

Sharath said...

@ Som
Remember when we used to be 'invincible' at home? Now we're merely formidable :-)

Australia has made it a bit of a habit beating us at home in one-dayers. I remember they won the five-match series in 2001, and they also won the previous seven-match series in 2008 (Monkey-gate). Don't quite recall what happened in 2004 after they conquered the 'final frontier'. Did they play any one-dayers then?

To be fair, we got ourselves up on the board too with the CB series win, but we're still lagging behind by a couple of series at least.

Oh, well.

K said...

what about Watson saying those kind words after getting out in the third one-dayer. agree with all your points but they still continue to be bad losers. they don't set a good example for kids watching the game. that's why i say that cricket is not a gentleman's game any more. The true gentleman's game is GOLF.

Megha said...


I don't agree...Aus is better than India if it is their full strength team. If you look at it objectively, this Indian team was better than the injury-ridden Aussie one. That Aus still won is a testament to their temperament. C'mon man...I just gave your team a compliment (a little grudgingly, I agree) and you can't even take that graciously! Jeez..what does one have to do to please you guys!! :D

Megha said...


They don't have to sledge..but they definitely need to, for their own sake...Didn't a whole lot of Aussie players say during the Ashes that this whole not-sledging bit was affecting their on-field intensity?

Megha said...

I also felt this was a series where the Australians could look back and be proud of more than just the result

Agree totally Nathan :-)

Megha said...


Credit where it is due man...Aus played well and won fair and square. But I assure you that I too live by those principles you mention..I swear I am not an infidel :-)

Megha said...


Sigh! yes, yes, yes...

I need to stop now...All this Aussie-praise is getting to me...

Megha said...


I must have missed that Watson episode..what happened there?

Even so, I think this series has been much calmer than some recent ones :-)

Nathan said...

Calmer is good; on-pitch excitement is certainly better than off-pitch excitement, in terms of interest and the game.

It is good to see that discipline, teamwork and attitude can trump (very) talented hot shots though. The Bangladeshis of the world should take note :)