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Delhi Premier League (DPL)

by K

This idea came to my mind when I was in Bengaluru some time back and the Karnataka Premier League (KPL) was just about to be launched.

I thought... what if we have a similar league for Delhi. (I just cannot get myself to write regular cricketing stuff these days)

In that case, there could be eight teams from the city, representing different parts, communities/constituencies/populations of the city. The eight teams could be:

1. A team from Najafgarh - One has to have a team from Viru's land (Najafgarh) in West Delhi. It will represent the Jat/farmer population of that area. Like Viru all Jats act first and think later. That's why they make the best soldiers in the Indian Army/Special Forces. A farmer sitting on a charpai with a hookah in one hand and lathi in the other could be the logo.

2. A team from Lajpat Nagar - Representing the flashy Punjabi, whose forefathers relocated to LN after Partition. This flashy Punjabi is loud, lovable, wears bright colours, zooms around in his car (Maruti Steem) in the narrow bylanes of his neighbourhood playing loud music. Logo could be Aloo Chaat/Tandoori Chicken.

3. A team from Lutyens Delhi - The political and administrative nerve-centre of the country..Central Delhi.. Parliament, Supreme Court, Rashtrapati Bhawan, 7 Race Course Road, 10 Janpath, Dholpur stone buildings, cars with red beacons, sarkari Babus, white kurta pyjamas, Nehru cap, ministries, safari suit clad Special Protection Group. Land of the political elite and bureaucrats (secretaries, joint secretaries, under secretaries). Logo can be a car with a red beacon.

4. A team from Delhi Cantonment - Represents the personnel from the defence forces who form an important segment of the city's population. Logo could be a soldier.

5. A team from Chandni Chowk - Medieval Delhi or Mirza Ghalib's Delhi. Steeped in history and rich in culture. Urdu poetry still resonates in these areas. Descendants of the Mughals still live here. Logo could be Red Fort.

6. A team from Chittaranjan Park - You have to have one team from CR Park. Can never keep the passionate Bengalis out of action, especially now that my third team in the IPL is KKR (second team being King's XI Punjab). Logo could be a left-handed batsman (for obvious reasons) wearing a Bengali dhoti-kurta lofting it over long-on.

7. A team from Delhi University - This is a must considering Delhi is the most important centre of learning in the country with some world-famous colleges.

8. A team from South Delhi - This team would represent the dudes of South Delhi. The well-educated rich kid who hangs out at all the cool and happening joints and uses words/phrases like "dude.. you got to check this out", "hey bro.. wassup". The dude is also very brand and fashion-conscious.


Thiru Cumaran said...

Now, K, could you possibly tell me the origins of the name Jatman? I understand that it's a nick for sehwag, but how did it cum abt?

K said...

You see.. Sehwag is a Haryanvi Jat just like me. That's how he gets that name.

K said...

Tragic bhai, are you related to Dilip Saab - the tragedy king of Indian cinema?

Thiru Cumaran said...

No, K, but I'm 'somewhat' related to John Howard, the truly inept cricket tragic of Australia! :D

K said...

oh.. have you noticed my Akubra hat.. Snowy River.. from your land. This is one Aussie product I really admire besides Kylie.

DU said...

DUs Sociology Deptt opposes EUs rising stake - The European Union (EU) in collaboration with various universities in the country, which has been funding for research projects, has now increased its ventures for higher education in India. However, fissures have been d due to the funding process of EU in the faculty of Sociology Department at the Delhi University (DU), while the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) is on the platform of organizing talks in order to emphasize the areas of collaborative work.

Mahek said...

No team from Yamuna paar?

straight point said...

K i protest too... like our netaas you too have neglected the 'yamuna paar'...

K said...

point taken SP. but i have very little knowledge about Yamuna Paar/East Delhi. So didn't know what to write about it. But this where you step in. These are just eight tentative teams. They can be chopped and changed. You come up with some points on the Yamuna Paar team and we will find a place for it too, perhaps by even replacing one of the eight original teams. We can all build on this concept together.

shaashwat said...

where are the qualification matches and when
i am selected from my school bhatnagar international school
bhera enclave

chandrashekhar said...

how to be selected for Delhi Premier League?
what is the process of selection for DPL?