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A Letter to Shashank Manohar

by Mahek

Dear Mr. Manohar,

Let me start off by congratulating you on making Indian cricket a profit-making entity. Your monetary contribution to Indian football deserves praise too. Your achievements are second only to the turnaround in the business of Indian Railways.

With that out of the way, I would like to ask you a few pointed questions. Why do you treat your consumers so shabbily? There are millions of us who love watching cricket no matter what format it is. Then why are we subjected to five-ball overs and deprived of replays? Is it so difficult to enforce a clause which says the broadcaster has to cover all six balls in an over? How hard is it to have clean restrooms and courteous staff at stadiums?

There is a three-test series coming up and it seems you would rather have the fans not watch it. What is the sense in starting the first test on a Monday, thereby ensuring kids would be busy at school and parents would have professional obligations for all five days of the game? Who is going to fill up that 50,000 seater stadium at Motera, a stadium you have spent millions on renovating into a more than decent facility? Maybe this is a clever ploy to get housewives to switch from their afternoon soaps to soporific cricket on dead pitches. Even if all three tests go the distance, there will be just three days of cricket played on the weekend. I hope this doesn't mean you will provide low, slow pitches that produce three dull draws.

I would like to end this letter by imploring you to not alienate us fans. You are already losing the next generation to Manchester United and Chelsea. Maybe it's time you realized there is a lot more money to be made by giving your patrons the best chance to pursue their passion. Playing test cricket on weekdays is certainly not the way to go.

Yours sincerely,
Mahek Vyas


straight point said...

do you exist...?

- shashank manohar

harry said...

i am taking a print out of this and sending it to s manohar and nimbus ( is nimbus covering the sri lanka series?)by registered a.d. snail mail.
my cablewala doesnt give neo so i gotta watch it on dd which is excruciating,apart from five ball overs and no repalys, the hindi commentators butt in out of the blue and they have no frigging idea about the game,my 8 year old son probably knows more.
the dd coverage of the olympics was the worst ever...they did not know the name of the event leave alone the name of the participants.absof%^kinglutely shoddy.
good work mahek.

Nita said...

Starting monday is a bad idea but in India people have the habit of bumking office whenever there is an important match. However I have seen that this is changing. I have personally seen some young memebers of my family go crazy over football. It's strange but looks like India will slowly lose interest in cricket and you will get a new type of fan of cricket. Like the one who doesn't really enjoy cricket, but one who enjoys the short over games and a lot of other frills. Not the real passionate fan

scorpicity said...

Who is shashank manohar? Now Seriously... no joke.

scorpicity said...

He is the president... Now when did this happen.

Mahek said...

That's weird, where did my post go???

Scorpicity, he became President in 2008. Took over from Sharad Pawar.