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Please allow Bhajji to appeal for Sree.

by Gaurav Sethi

If ever in a legal fix, I’d want Bhajji as my lawyer. He’s an ace with appeals. No paperwork, all hands up in the air.

For all his shortcomings as a bowler, his appeals go a long way – like that one time when lofted for six; how he HOWZATTED?? It was sad to see his dejected digits scratch his head, his face fall, his shoulders droop; he knew at that moment, it’s Not Out, it’s six.

But in spite of the odds he didn’t give up – instead he queried with the umpire, “Teri Ma ki, why is that not out?” The umpire replied, “Mother knows best.”

Before the Kanpur test, Bhajji heard The Wall. Particularly liked that song which went, “Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?”

And then the bomb was dropped. Sree made the team. But he just couldn’t make the appeals.

Each time he threatened to appeal, a current ripped through his arse - contorted face, electric shock break dance, he just couldn’t appeal no more.

What would people say of his break dance – break dunce.

Luckily for him, two of his first three dismissals were clean bowled. There was a caught behind, by then even the long named opener couldn’t stay any longer.

But just imagine if Bhajji was a ventriloquist. I still think he can learn. To make balls and words turn.

Latest: Bhajji is already working on Sree who appealed for his effort ball yorker.

Update: Sree is off his yorker.

Wicket update: Bhajji works his magic through Sree, great appeal. Prasana J given out.

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