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Show me the funny!

by Gaurav Sethi

Move over Motera, the drama queens are here. Sree and Bhajji will play the field an arm’s length away. At some point, they could be closer, in a huddle.

Both will ham, pose for pictures, flash cheesy smiles, god help us if Sree takes a wicket new ball early – Bhajji will go for him like you don’t wanna know. I don’t put it beyond Sree to become an emotional mess, breakdown right there. And put any good performance down to Bhajji’s encouragement. He will reach below his glasses to attend to a tear of joy in one of those well orchestrated post match cons.

It’s obvious, they both deserve each other. Both had some skill as cricketers, might still do. But it’s obvious their calling is elsewhere.

I don’t put acrobats, somersaults, piggyback rides, walking on broken glass, shoving wickets into each other beyond them.

One wears spectacles, but face it, both are a f**king spectacle. They are the only reason I want India to be bowled out by lunch. To watch them bowl, and throw at us one of those IPL shows. Look out for Bhajji and Sree in minis.

If it’s anything less than that, bring in Farooq Engineer to grease them some.

There’s another mouth watering prospect, Bhajji-Sree in a batting partnership. Now if only Andre Nel and some assorted Aussies could be brought on to bowl. Full tosses outside off will do fine.

There’s only one thing in cricket that beats a delusional all rounder's batting – two delusional all rounders batting together.

Anyone for cricket, wouldn’t it be nice?

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