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Whatever gets you through the night

by Gaurav Sethi

The morning papers are a bad place to be after yesterday’s game. Unless of course you’re on a different train of thought.

Overnight scores for the Railways vs. Tamil Nadu game: Railways: 327, TN: 312/8, 16 more for that first innings lead.

But sample what Railways’ skipper, Murali Kartik has to say – “These are two tailenders and it takes only two deliveries to dismiss them”.

Now you can dismiss that comment, or like me, stay with it. You can snap at Kartik and say, yeah, right, it takes two deliveries to dismiss two tailenders, how many does it take to dismiss two openers?

Is Kartik insinuating that batsmen other than tailenders get more chances – surely a hangover from yesterday’s game – where it took more than two chances to dismiss Marsh and Watson.

Two chances for Marsh, and one for Watson.

Whereas Bhajji and Nehra, both tailenders, albeit accomplished ones, were dismissed on the second ball they faced.

No, this is not working, not for Murali, not for me. Wonder how Sachin's getting through all this?

1. Updating his new video release titled 'Playing with duds'

2. A long net cracking the Dilscoop with Dilshan, cracking his skull with Misbah

3. Sulking in a corner with his prawns

4. Being spanked by SMG 175 times

5. Negotiating contracts as father X'mas after Yuvi's grandfather remark



Anonymous said...

The Dhoni and Sehwag drops weren't great, not dollies though, but it is always hard for a bowler to get something coming back at him hard, even for good catchers like Yuvraj.

Besides, Sehwag got a life in return.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Arun Lal made MSD's catch sound tougher than the catch that cost MSD his wicket. Lal is so loyal, he should be in the XI.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Come come NC , its heartbreaking but ... !

Gaurav Sethi said...

Turns out, Kartik never got those two wickets of two balls.

scorpicity said...

Quite happy at least that they didn't wrap up under 200 which is the traditional Indian response. As for Karthik, he is waiting for Madonna to adopt him.

Gaurav Sethi said...

scorpi, and didn't lose by more than 99 - look, and you will find the balm.

BK, balmy Guwahati, eh?