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7 signs that tell you cricket is not in the pink of its health

by Som

1. Virender Sehwag roots for opponents in close ties;

2. Pakistan wants to play home series in India;

3. Freelancer Freddie stoops to socks designing;

4. Makhaya Ntini meets David Beckham and his first query is about his undie habit;

5. Shane Warne turns underwear designer;

6. A West Indian spinner, I repeat spinner, cops 2-match fine while his pace colleagues go about spreading love;

7. BCCI drop ODIs to accommodate Tests!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Pre 26/11, I believed that Pak could have swung by India for their home series. Bangladesh or Lanka will be a more realistic option now, of course Pak players in the IPL would've eased cricket relations

Som said...

NC, it opens up a whole lot of geo-political options! See what politics could not do, cricket did!

achettup said...

Ahahaha, I need this Shane Warne underwear design link. If cricket is in bad shape, I feel for F1, at least one of their admins has come out saying cricket has become threat now that its exciting. No wonder they've forced Schumi out of retirement...