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The continuing saga of BossDK and BiggBosST - 3

by Bhaskar Khaund

BiggBosST is batting on 98. BossDK is at the other end (naturally, or why else this post)
Mid pitch meeting. ST indicates to DK that there’s no hurry . They’d play it sensibly. DK nods. Their understanding is legendary.
The ball’s pitched up to ST nicely on the leg stump. ST turns it towards vacant square leg with a deft flick of the wrist. Easy two there, possibly even three, as they run the first one really hard.
Then a strange thing happens.
DK stops ST midway through the second run. “Congrats ST bhai, but is this your 27th or 28th test century”, he asks breathlessly

A stunned ST barely has time to growl a rapidfire “abey BossDK m******d paagal ho gaya hain kya!” while desperately trying to scramble towards safety.

Too late. It’s a direct hit.
ST is run out for 99.

He walks back to the pavilion in a rage, looking back only to glare at DK.

DK feels wants to dig a hole to bury himself in . How could he have made such a deadly mistake, he berates himself, everybody knows it would have been the 29th century, how could he have forgotten.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

What I like about BossDK is, soon he'll put this behind, and continue with the continuing saga of.....4. And imagine, it will still be 4 play.