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Had Tiger Woods been a cricketer...

by Som

He hit the hedge, hydrant, hardwood and headlines. The long and short of it is -- Tiger can't drive.

Does that mean that had he ventured into cricket, he would have been one of those backfoot blighters who earn their bread and butter by the meagre means of cuts and slices?

Mind you, Tiger IS in the backfoot and has cuts all over his map and a slice beneath the lower lip. Talk about preempting the evidence-seekers.

Or maybe I'm wrong in my assumption.

Maybe he would have unfurled a square drive that would have given Dravid an inferiority complex. Mind you, Tiger drove squarely to the hedge, then hydrant and finally the hardwood in the said order.

Now that his life threatens to spin out of control, could Tiger have been a tweaker in the league of Warne? Possibly so.

For, like Warne, Woods too went on collecting babes as they came. And note their parental influence.

Woods' father made his career. Warne's mom marred his.

Tiger is reserved on the fairway. Does that mean he is a colonial cousin of Lara, who guarded his genius from mediocrity and stayed aloof in the dressing room?

Remember both tutored Barack Obama. Woods on swing. Lara how to hold a bat.

Or maybe he would have been the next Bradman.

The Don changed his technique in the Bodyline series, looked different at his peak and then evolved effortlessly into a run-accumulator.

So did Tiger. When it takes lesser mortals a life to master a swing, Tiger has already done it twice.

Bit of Warne, Lara and Bradman.

Well, in all probability, Tiger Woods would have remained Tiger Woods in cricket I guess.


straight point said...

more than a batsman he would have been renowned as a bowler to live the life... on 'edge'...

Som said...

SP, I think you allowed yourself to be swayed by the maidens in Tiger's life:)

straight point said...

yes som... the no. of maidens he has bowled made me think he is more of a bowler than a good batsmen... ;-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Som, just spoke with K who's really kicked with your post - and Golf hogging some of the limelight here.
Claims, earlier the golf circles were in awe of Tiger, now they worship him.