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by Gaurav Sethi

Gambhir dashes into the single’s bar, Viru responds, they slide in before closing time; fling trench coats, what do they see – a bar stool not taken, dart across; first extra moving in with larger from short mid off; too close to call, but they run for it anyway

Gambhir elbows larger man, spills, gets ugly, Viru secures stool, last order; the bouncer’s moved in, Viru asks for milk - Doodh?

Bartender slides doodh down the bar; second extra alongside sniggers, moves forward to stop glass of milk

Gambhir catches a glimpse from the corner of his eye, frees self from bouncer’s grasp, hurls self at the bar – grabs DOODH

Viru and Gauti hold the glass of milk together

"For a quick single we are ready to mingle"

Announcer: This may not make sense to you, but then neither does Viru's and Gauti's running

PS: For new time's sake, you can use Virat Kohli for Viru. Anyway, after seeing Gauti pass the Man of the Match award to Virat, Viru too handed his role to Virat. Virat played the part to perfection, that too, holding the MoM trophy, that oversized cheque and smile.

1 comment:

Bhaskar Khaund said...

:-)...jst to add to that-gauti's handing over MOM to virat kohli
--> the milk of human kindness