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Who will sit out?

by Gaurav Sethi

What if M Vijay is the most valuable player in the Mumbai test knocking off heaps of runs and records, everything that Indian cricket doesn’t expect of him. What will the selectors do then – tell him to sit out or pick him for the next test? If so, who sits out?

What if VVS scores runs but Yuvraj doesn’t – who sits out?

Even if the possibilities of M Vijay making a career out of Mumbai are slim, it will be more than welcome. Imagine, how it can shake Indian cricket out of its comfort zone; a rookie test cricketer who invents himself overnight.

More than M Vijay’s success, I’m interested in how the selectors will react – one way is to announce an injury, last time to Australia it was Gambhir, this time who will it be?

And what if all the batsmen are fit, will India play seven batsmen + MSD + 2 quicks + Bhajji. That’s the easy way, Bhajji is an allrounder, and Jatman can double up as Sehwag the spinner, and Yuvi picks himself as an all-rounder too.

I have a strange feeling that’s the way it will be. After all, all rounders are such a rare breed, especially guys who can bat and spin it a little, and those that can spin even less and bat a little. If it weren’t for the bat and ball in front of players, where would we be now?

Another thought, what if Ojha outbowls Bhajji – who sits out? Ojha of course, what was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

Well, lets remember that for all the hype all M Vijay scored was a couple of 30's against Australia - nothing earth shaking. I dont expect him to set Mithi on fire in the Brabourne test.
As for Bhajji, sigh, his performance in last test has booked his berth for another year atleast. So, lets not even worry - he is bound to come good in a few matches. And when he does that, he'll make sure we know by talking about it at every available opportunity.

Late Inswing said...

Anon - Indeed nothing earth shaking from M Vijay on his debut. But cannot deny the fact that Aakash Chopra's time is out and Jaffer is looking headed that way. Hence Vijay will be the standby man for the test openers slot and perhaps a long term No 3, when the greats decide to leave.

As for Bhajji - he doesnt need to talk - his "deeds" will speak for him...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Anon, I like it when a player proves me wrong and delivers beyond expectations - like Sree gatecrashed Zak's and Bhajji's and Ishant's team party, need more of that. Don't like the extra comfort some player's have, in spite of being way below par.

Gaurav Sethi said...

LI, Long as it's opener for an opener and not makeshift openers to accommodate middle order royalty.

Grant Vijay this much he tries to play straight, and from little I've heard talks so too.