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IPL Auction : Megha's High Point

by Megha

Continuing the series on High points of the IPL auction, I concur with SP.

Yes, Kaif's selection by KXIP was indeed the high point for me (leaving aside the disappointment of him not getting picked up in the first round).

I have lost count of how many times I have said in the past that Kaif should have been given another chance with Team India, and that I firmly believe he would have been the captain of India someday. Not that I am particularly hopeful of him making it back in the Indian team even if he has a stupendous IPL 3. But it really feels good to know that he has got another chance after RR mercilessly got rid of him last year.

So dear Preity Zinta...many thanks to you and your team for recognizing Kaif's worth and picking him up. As a mere fan of Kaif, I can only offer my unconditional support to KXIP for this IPL, if he features in your playing XI. And as an additional thank you gesture, I also promise to gather all my friends every weekend and screen all your mov...

(checking IMDB....

    Heaven on Earth, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Jaan-e-mann, KANK!! aargh.....) as I was saying, as an additional thank you gesture, I also promise to follow all KXIP matches on youtube.


Mahek said...

How cool is it to be Mohammad Kaif right now? He got the biggest contract in this auction - $675,000 to not play for the Royals and $250,000 to play for Kings XI.

Megha said...

and...managed to get a promise that I will watch all KXIP matches..something that even BRC did not manage in the last 2 cool *is* that! :P

Did he really get $675,000 from RR? How did that happen? How much did RR pay for him for a 3 year contract?

Mahek said...

Well the only promise BRC can muster from anyone is that of binge drinking. You need to be sloshed in order to enjoy watching them.

Kaif was on a $675,000 a year contract with the Royals who bought out the last year on his contract, which means they paid Kaif $675,000 to NOT play for them.

Megha said...

ah of course, that makes sense...I dont know why I thought if a player had a $675000 contract, it meant $675,000 for all 3 years :-/