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Sangakkara: Abandon this match

by Gaurav Sethi

Not quite the Kotla but the Shere Bangla National stadium has been equally bad for Sangakkara. Both games Thiranga knocked over for nothing; 0-1, where do you go from there – the second wicket, Dilshan again. When it was 42/2, Sanga saw that Kotla score flash before his eyes.

60/3, 61/4 – similar scores again, heck, where am I? Is this the Kotla again? Sanga wanted to call his men off, but there was one minor glitch – he was batting. He had to get out to call them off; or could he take a toilet break and call his partner, it seemed absurd.

66/5 – where had he seen that score, the Kotla again. Has to be that son of a pitch again! Sanga after the Kotla experience had taken to vulgar substitutions, with grammar too.

Damn, and that 5th wicket, a run out again. Creepy, he said to himself. Then he walked up to the umpires, they didn’t seem familiar – where are Erasmus and Tarapore? And where is my good man, Alan Hurst. But the inept match referee was nowhere to be seen.

Sanga flashed that sly joker smile; aaah this is not the Kotla.

The match went on and on, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 went down. Sanga thought he was playing in Mirpur, how delusional can you be?


Maithreyi said...

At one point, the umpires were romping around with mouths at the communicators, and with Sivaramakrishnan going, "There seems to be a problem..." I was having definite Kotla flashbacks.

Sanga was trying, he was.

Anonymous said...

Typical delhi attitude. Trying to blame the victim instead of accepting your fault.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Maithreyi, Sanga rubbed off on all of us.

Anon, yeah, what's with these guys?

Indian said...

Fuck u stupid indians,... pitches are like them.. indians cant play cricket all indians are cheating asses... stupid indians.. hahahahhahahahahahahhahahah